Beef Brisket ($7.99/lb)

Beef Brisket ($7.99/lb)


Dry-Aged Beef Brisket

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Few things conjure thoughts of delicious barbecue faster than brisket.  Slow-cooked in an oven or crock pot, or in an an outdoor smoker, brisket heightens the senses and fills your plate.  This half-brisket is 6 lbs.


2.0 Lbs, 2.25 Lbs, 2.5 Lbs, 2.75 Lbs, 3.0 Lbs, 3.25 Lbs, 3.5 Lbs, 3.75, 4 Lbs, 4.25 Lbs, 4.5 Lbs, 5 lb

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